Dog nicknamed ‘Toothy Ted’ searching for new home after being dumped on motorway

After being dumped on a motorway, this little puppy has begun his search for a new home where he will receive unconditional love. Ted, a terrier cross, is up for adoption with Oakwood Dog Rescue, in Hull, after spending an unknown amount of time wandering around the side of a motorway.

The 18-month-old is currently undergoing treatment for a damaged eye but, according to the team at Oakwood, it it set to heal nicely. A spokeswoman said: “What tiny Ted lacks in size he certainly makes up for in personality. Ted really is a little pocket rocket always on the go.

“He loves meeting new people and is always up for some fuss and cuddles. He is a cheeky chap that is a typical puppy and into everything.”

His new owners will need to spend time teaching him some basic manners and obedience training and should know he will likely to chew in his new home due to being a puppy.

“He loves playing with toys, especially tuggy games,” the spokeswoman added. “Ted enjoys his walks and likes being out an about.

“He can be a little wary of traffic which is understandable given his history but with reassurance and treats he does very well.

“So far Ted has been very playful with other dogs, he especially loves to do zoomies with them.

“At the moment we can’t place Ted in a home with another dog until he is castrated, we have booked this appointment.”

Oakwood Dog Rescue has been helping to rehome unwanted dogs since 2009, mainly working to rescue those living a life of misery in Romania.

A statement reads: “The rescue helps all dogs they can, of any breed, where they come from in the world or age including those with special needs or behaviour issues.

“The goal is to rehabilitate and re-home them to loving homes, where they can live out the rest of their years in a happy, loving environment.

“Great things can be achieved with the help of our many generous supporters working together towards a common goal, creating more happiness for every dog that ends up at Oakwood Dog Rescue.”